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  2. #Bank of #Maldives Plc. , Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu #male’


  3. "According to Popper, totalitarianism was not unique to the 20 th century. Rather, it “belongs to a tradition which is just as old or just as young as our civilization itself” ( Open Society, Vol. I , 1). In The Open Society , Popper’s search for the roots of totalitarianism took him back to ancient Greece. There he detected the emergence of what he called the first “open society” in democratic Athens of the 5 th century B.C.E., Athenians, he argued, were the first to subject their own values, beliefs, institutions and traditions to critical scrutiny and Socrates and the city’s democratic politics exemplified this new attitude. But reactionary forces were unnerved by the instability and rapid social change that an open society had unleashed. (Socrates was indicted on charges of corrupting the youth and introducing new gods.) They sought to turn back the clock and return Athens to a society marked by rigid class hierarchy, conformity to the customs of the tribe, and uncritical deference to authority and tradition—a “closed society.” This move back to tribalism was motivated by a widely and deeply felt uneasiness that Popper called the “strain of civilization.” The structured and organic character of closed societies helps to satisfy a deep human need for regularity and a shared common life, Popper said. In contrast, the individualism, freedom and personal responsibility that open societies necessarily engender leave many feeling isolated and anxious, but this anxiety, Popper said, must be born if we are to enjoy the greater benefits of living in an open society: freedom, social progress, growing knowledge, and enhanced cooperation. “It is the price we have to pay for being human” ( Open Society Vol. 1 , 176)."
  4. Dhandimagu Kulhi , Fua Mulaku

  5. #gmr built this addition as a temp structure till their terminal was completed, still architecturally surpasses any public building in #maldives #inia


  7. Bodu Huraa shares a Reef with fourseasons Kuda Huraa and clubmed Kanifinolhu

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  9. Islamic history in the morphology of Majid Al Agsa - via Khadeeja #mnu SEM 3 #architecture student

  10. cast concrete flame